Friday, July 24, 2009

How Do I Customize My Business Cards?

You may think that business card printing has rigid rules in design and production, but that is all in the past. Today’s color business cards are customized in so many ways that they almost transcend being business cards and turn into something completely different. In this article I will show you how to customize your business card printing to make your cards look more unique and original. There are five things that you can do to customize your color business card.

Taking the text for a spin. The main thing that you can customize of course is your text. Your name, job position, contact details and other kinds of text can be easily customized by changing their font style. There are many kinds of font styles out there so you literally can pick almost anything that matches your personality or your goals for your business card. Try more creative and wild fonts for personal business cards, while you can use more formal and elegant ones for business. Just make sure that you pick your font styles with a theme in mind so that there won’t be any clashes with background colors and materials.

Deciding on text inks. Besides the text itself though, you can also customize the ink of your text. Instead of using boring black, you can try to use more expressive colors like metallic inks that shine, or vibrant color inks that make the design glow. Again, the choice of your theme plays a big role in this and you should pick something that is very worthy for your chosen business card design.

Choosing a favorite color background. After the text itself, you can also customize the background color of your business card. This basically encompasses the whole color of your cards typically both the front and the back. In customizing this aspect of business cards, you must be aware of the color of your text and its style. This must patch the ink color of the text so that the text can “come out” of the background making it legible.

Playing with card materials. Afterwards, you can also try to customize the card material. While there is usually a standard paper stock for business cards that are a bit thicker than usual paper, there are also other rare or exotic paper stocks that can impress people. From textured business card stock, to unusual plastic ones, there are a lot of customization options in choosing your card materials. You should of course just choose the most useful and appropriate one for your theme.

Adding customized messages. Finally, as a good customization option for business cards, you can try adding in some customized messages into the business card itself. You can place in a tagline, a favorite quotation or even a marketing message into the back of the card. This can be a great opportunity to really personalize your business card as you can put in any kind of special message that you want.

So that is how you customize your business card. You just alter the text, the ink, the background, the card material and of course add in a personal message. Doing this should let you customize your business cards in a very extensive way making it more original and personal.
by: Lynne Saarte

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